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Nigerians Be At Alert As Banks Now Issue Counterfeit….Click To Read More.

Nigerians be vigilant as reports reaching us shows that Commercial Banks now mix Counterfeits Notes when paying their Customers. If a trusted and certified registered Nigerian Bank can now give fake naira notes to their customers, that means Corruption has really eaten deep into the fabrics of the Nation,



An anonymous revealing her experience, at one of the branches in Onitsha, Anambra State (Fidelity Bank) to be Precise. After the usual long wait, She was finally attended to. She came to cash a cheque, without knowing that a N500 Counterfeit was attached to the Money given to her, of course she left with the trust that Banks cannot give Fake Currency, on getting to another bank to deposit the same Money given to her at Fidelity Bank Iweka Road Onitsha, she now got to know and the money was perforated by one the tellers at Ecobank same area.




On getting to Fidelity Bank, they claimed ignorance of the whole situation, Claiming that the young girl should have counted/checked the Money before leaving the bank. This is kind of a warning to fellow Nigerians to be wary and Careful of the Cash they receive from Banks, as this is pure Broad day light theft, and Corruption at its peak.

Another recounting His ordeal said ATM now Pays Cash mixed with Counterfeit. So Nigerians are advised to be Careful cos Banks have lost the Trust and Fidelity no Longer Keep Their Word.

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